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ArtEZ Institute of the Arts

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts
Onderlangs 9,
6812 CE  Arnhem
Tel: + 31 (0)26 3535765
Fax: + 31 (0)26 3535604
Email: internationaloffice@artez.nl
Website: www.artez.nl/en/home

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts is one of the major arts educational institutes in the Netherlands

It not only comprises a broad range of Bachelorís and Masterís courses in the fine arts, fashion, design, architecture, music, dance and drama but also creates an opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration.

With approximately 3,000 students and 850 lecturers and other staff members, the Institute provides education in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle. The Board of Governors and the auxiliary departments are concentrated in Arnhem.

Originality, passion and a strong-minded attitude

Talented arts students from the Netherlands and abroad fulfil their potential at ArtEZ. Originality, passion, a strong-minded attitude and considerable determination are essential here. The students are supervised by lecturers, who have clearly proven their worth in the professional field. The quality of our education is reflected in the recognition it has received both at a national and an international level.

Collaboration between disciplines

ArtEZ provides many opportunities for collaboration between the various arts disciplines: fashion designers who create theatrical costumes, composers who write film scores, music students who work with choreographers, etcetera.

Studying at ArtEZ means looking beyond your own arts course. You will be inspired by whatís going on around you, which includes fine art, music, dance and film.

Research and Theory
ArtEZ attaches great importance to research and theory in the arts. We have four associate professorships: Fashion Design, Art, Culture & Economy, Theory in the Arts and Art Education. ArtEZ also has its own publishing house. The books issued by ArtEZ Press promote research and the development of theory within the various disciplines of arts education.

Throughout the academic year, dAcapo-ArtEZ, the ArtEZ Studium Generale series of topical arts events, organises programmes on art, scholarship and social issues. dAcapo-ArtEZ also produces publications on theory development.