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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Shue Yan University

Hong Kong Shue Yan University
10 Wai Tsui Crescent, North Point
 Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2570 7110
Email: info@hksyu.edu
Website: http://www.hksyu.edu/

Hong Kong Shue Yan College, the predecessor of Hong Kong Shue Yan University was founded in 1971. The idea of an independent liberal arts college was first conceived in the spring of that year when Dr. Henry H.L. Hu, a then Legislative Councillor, and Dr. Chung Chi Yung, a prominent educationist, concerned over the acute shortage of college places for the local Form VI students aspiring after university education, made up their minds to establish an
institution of higher learning for the benefit of the youths and in the interests of our society as a whole.

The College was approved to register under the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance in 1976 and its diploma has since been recognized by the Government as a qualification for appointment to the civil service.

On 19 December 2006, pursuant to the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance (Cap.320) approval was given by the Chief Executive in Council for Hong Kong Shue Yan College to change its English and Chinese titles to “Hong Kong Shue Yan University” and “??????” respectively with immediate effect.