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EHR franchise B.V.

EHR franchise B.V.
Johan de Wittlaan 2
6828 WG  Arnhem
Tel: +31 (0)26-7114559
Mobile: +31653812728
Email: m.welling@ehr.nl
Website: www.ehr.nl/en

1. Our executive rental selections for expats:

With a national spread of individual and highly dedicated rental agencies, EHR is a highly valued partner for expats and expat related businesses and professionals. The homes offered for rent by EHR specifically cater to the expats' needs. Whether you are looking for a furnished or unfurnished home, a long- or short term rental period, an apartment in the centre of the city or an idyllic farmhouse in tranquill surroundings; we have the best homes on offer. Please look on our website or register through SIGN UP, to be the first to hear of new listings that suit you wishes!

2. Housingsearch assistence service and support for expats:

Are you in search of a very specific type of home, in a hurry or do you generally appreciate an estate agent to 'be on your side'? EHR offers full- service home searches, where our dedicated and professional agents will scan the full housing market based on your wishes. Together with you a selection of potentially suitable homes will be made and visited and when you find your dream house, EHR will negotiate on your behalf and advise you on the contents of the rental agreement, further legal matters and other housing- related matters. The home search services of EHR will give you the best possible chance to find you perfect home with the best possible conditions. For more information, please click SEARCH

3. For Homeowners: Rent out your property temporary or full time.

Do you own a house but will you be living elsewhere? Are you being transferred to another country temporarily or have you bought another house? If you would prefer not to sell your house, but also not to leave it vacant, you can rent it for a fixed period, based on your preferences. EHR specializes in temporary letting and will advise you both legally and commercially. We have the network and means to find you the perfect tenant who will not only pay the rent but also look after your home. Our rental contracts have been designed by highly valued rental lawyers and our screenings of potential tenants will provide you with a comfortable time away from your home. EHR can even take care of your home financially and technically, depending on your preferences!" Please have a look and REGISTER.

Our offices:

T: +31 (0)6 83166779
E: amersfoort@ehr.nl

T: +31(0)202082107 M: +31 (0)6-23503734
E: amsterdam@ehr.nl

T: +31(0)55 3034303
E: apeldoorn@ehr.nl

T: +31(0)26 7114555
E: arnhem@ehr.nl

T: +31 85-2731911 M: +31(0)6-53499720
E: breda@ehr.nl

Den Haag
T: +31(0)616237978
E: denhaag@ehr.nl

T: +31(0)55-3034303
E: deventer@ehr.nl

T: +31 (0)318-526584
E: ede-wageningen@ehr.nl

Gooi-en Vechtstreek
T: +31(0)35 7118722
E: gooi@ehr.nl

T: +31 (0)79-7170718
E: zoetermeer@ehr.nl

T: +31(0)235478272 M: +31 (0)6-22073705
E: haarlem@ehr.nl

T: +31(0)23 5478272 M: +31(0)6-22073705
E: leiden@ehr.nl

T: +31(0)24 8484496
E: nijmegen@ehr.nl

Purmerend Zaandam
T: +31(0)629078011
E: purmerend-zaandam@ehr.nl

T: +31(0)6 53499720
E: rotterdam@ehr.nl

T: +31(0) 302059975 M: +31 (0)6-41877983
E: utrecht@ehr.nl