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ProExpat Support & More

ProExpat Support & More
Lantijn Zijlstra, Eifgenweg 11
40625 Düsseldorf
Tel: 0049 (0) 211 469 71 80
Email: info@proexpat.com
Website: http://www.proexpat.com

ProExpat Support & More offers expats and their families individually tailored advice and support on all relocation issues during their entire stay in Germany. In this way the expat family members will be given the opportunity to feel comfortable and well taken care of in their new environment.

ProExpat Support & More offers consulting hours at the companies the expats are working in. Expats themselves, as well as their partners and children, can attend these consultations to get answers to questions and to discuss problems concerning their life as an expat in Germany. ProExpat Support & More offers these services through the company the expats are working in, or on an individual basis. Upon request, such discussions can also take place at a neutral location. These meetings can be conducted in German, English, Dutch or Spanish.

To successfully meet the challenges of everyday life in a foreign culture, ProExpat Support & More is collaborating with a network of partners in relevant sectors. ProExpat Support & More serves expats and their families in the Düsseldorf (NRW) area.