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Stock Option

Stock Option
C/ Alarcón, 28 - 08930 Sant Adrià del Besós
08930 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 462 72 67
Email: info@stockoption.es
Website: http://www.stockoption.es/index_en.html

The answer to your space problem
Do you want to free more space at home? Get in touch with Guarding! An alternative for your removals or to make alterations to your home.
If you have a business, are you fed up with the costs of warehousing and rigid structures? Guarding is the solution for you, too!
Use the space you need at any time. Modern boxes from 1m2, up to whatever you need. Handy spaces which you can rent for as long as you like and to which you have access at any time. Air-conditioned and with security vigilance 24 hours a day, boxes to measure are the solution for both people and businesses. With no access problems for large vehicles, Guarding is a new resource where you decide on the measurements and time.
Contact us and we will advise you about the ideal size for you.