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Delahaye Moving

Delahaye Moving
163 Route de Bezons, Carrieres-Sur-Seine
78420 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 39 13 46 82
Fax: +33 (0)1 39 13 48 55
Email: info@delahayemoving.com
Website: http://www.delahayemoving.com

Delahaye Moving is an international household removals company dedicated to providing the highest levels of service for local and international removals or relocations. Whether clients are individual or corporate, for large or small jobs, our commitment is total.
Elisabeth Delahaye with Mr. Earl Lee, President of Prudential Relocations, following receipt of the Respect Award

Delahaye is different; we are relationship driven and we pride ourselves on an unparalleled professional service and an excellent reputation; as a result, clients who use our service, return again and again (for more information, see our testimonials).

From the contents of small apartments, yachts and large chateaux and even the walls of a chateaux itself, through tree houses and trees themselves, from valuable works of art to the most precious toy of a child we have moved whatever our clients have asked, giving the same care as if it were our own property. As a result of this dedication, we were recently the winner of the 2008 Respect Award from Prudential Relocation, as their best performing supplier globally.
Elizabeth Delahaye received the Légion d'Honneur
Elisabeth Delahaye with the French Ambassador to Great-Britain, H.E. Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, on receiving the Legion D’Honneur

We are a privately created and owned business and have been for more than 30 years, led by Elisabeth Delahaye, widely considered a leading global expert in the household removals industry.

In 2001 she received an award from the European Union of Women in their European Women of Achievement Awards “in recognition of an outstanding contribution to pan-European understanding and progress that provides an inspiration to others.”

Although a Belgian citizen, Mrs. Delahaye was awarded the prestigious Ordre National du Mérite by President Chirac of France and the Ordre de la Légion d'honneur, the highest decoration in France, by President Sarkozy, for her business and charitable works.
Elisabeth Delahaye receives the Ordre de la Couronne

Elisabeth Delahaye with the Belgian Ambassador to Great-Britain, H.E. Jean-Michel Veranneman de Watervliet, on receiving the Order of the Crown

Most recently, Mrs. Delahaye was awarded the distinguished Ordre de la Couronne by King Albert II of Belgium for charitable services to Belgium.

We have offices in London, Paris and Nice, with a sales representation in New York and Belgium (for details, see “Contact us” on this site). These offices form the hubs of our activity, where our own fleet of vehicles, modern and flexible storage facilities and highly experienced bilingual (and sometimes multi-lingual) staff are based, providing core and added-value services (for more information see “Local/International Moves”, “Storage” and “Added-value Services” on this site) This backbone of offices is linked to an established network of professional associates worldwide who share our philosophy and beliefs, thus ensuring that we are able to provide a fully global service.

We are members of all the leading moving associations – BAR (in UK), Chambre Syndicale du Demenagement (in France), FEDEMAC (in Europe) and AIM (worldwide). All associations require members to meet minimum standards. We are also regulated directly by the FSA, in the UK for our sales of removals and storage insurance.

To those visitors who are existing clients, we thank you for your patronage; for those visitors who have not yet used our service, a free no-obligation written quotation can be obtained from our offices using the contact details on this site.