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TM Relocation Services GmbH

TM Relocation Services GmbH
Apianstraße 5
80796  Munich
Tel: +49 89-38 66 72 30
Fax: +49 89-38 66 72 38
Email: info@tm-relocation.de
Website: www.tm-relocation.de/en

We are a Global Relocation Service.

Our ultimate aim is to minimize your organizational efforts, and ensure the quick and smooth integration of your employees and their families in to their new work/home environment.

In cooperation with you, we will develop a cost efficient solution that will fit your special needs. The scale of our operations and services that you require and the extent to which we become active on your behalf is solely at your decision.

At present we are represented in six locations throughout Germany. We cover all cities and their surrounding areas: Munich, Berlin, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt/M, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Our customers are mainly large-scale and medium-size enterprises, which are national or internationally active.

We care with competence!

Our highest premise is to serve our customers with competence, expert knowledge and diligence concerning all issues within the relocation process.