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Swisscare Insurance AG

Swisscare Insurance AG
Chemin de Beaulieu 8
CH-1752  Villars sur Glane
Tel: +41 840 001 001
Fax: +41 840 002 001
Email: info@swisscare.ch
Website: http://www.swisscare-intl.com

Capitalising on more than 13 years of knowhow in healthcare and risk management experience, SWISSCARE International founders & executives have brought to the market what we believe to be one of the most comprehensive, transparent and easy to understand range of private international health and travel insurance products.

Like all true innovations, SWISSCARE International is based on a very simple idea.

Putting the needs of our members and their families first. Thinking this way has enabled us to break the cycle of ever increasing premiums and reducing levels of coverage, whilst ensuring the highest standards of service and commitment to our clients.

Swisscare Insurance AG was founded under a shareholder company. The success was immediately thanks the long term experience of the founders in international health and travel insurance.