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International Health Insurance

Insure Invest

Insure Invest
Hainstrasse 2
61476 Kronberg
Tel: +49 (0) 6173-995 020
Email: matz@insure-invest.de
Website: http://www.insure-invest.de

Our Specialisation: Health Insurance

For an overview of the health insurance options in Germany please click here.

We are experts in helping you to find and purchase the most suitable health insurance and can explain your options in full detail so that you make the right personal choice of insurance coverage.

We ask about your preferences for medical and dental care and emphasize the importance of high quality benefits and policy conditions.

We take into account that you may not stay in Germany for the rest of your life and can provide health insurance which is fully portable.

We use state of the art comparison software for German health insurance, whether permanent full insurance or supplemental benefits to the German public health system (Kasse) and also offer a selection of high quality international health insurance plans to meet special situations.

You will benefit from our professionalism and independence and be secure in knowing that you have a truly individual solution.

For large and small organizations and companies
Use our expertise in finding the right solution for your employees in Germany. We have special terms, rates and tariffs for both German and international companies. Show your employees that you care by offering them the opportunity to save money and to purchase either excellent supplemental or full health plans.