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Línea Directa

Línea Directa
Apartado de Correos 68
19200  Guadalajara
Tel: +34 902 325 325
Fax: +34 902 123 038
Website: www.lineadirecta.com/LDAWeb/home/Home.faces

Much more than insurance.

Since 1995, Línea Directa has played an active role in a common project designed to reduce the number of traffic accidents in Spain. Taking out insurance with us allows all our policyholders to collaborate in research aiming to analyse different aspects of driving, focusing on the main risks faced by drivers in Spain.

Línea Directa also organizes one of the most important dates in Spain for journalists with regard to road safety: Línea Directa's Road Safety Award for Journalists, which aims to promote road safety news broadcasts, thereby helping to increase awareness on the social scourge of traffic accidents.

Línea Directa is a company built on commitment, which only fifteen years after being set up, has become the clear leader in innovation thanks to its business model and its vocation for always offering products and services designed to satisfy the personal needs of our policyholders.

As a result, Línea Directa is much more than an insurer. It is a project brought to reality through a combination of customer trust and professional commitment.

Thank you for placing your trust in us.

Miguel Ángel Merino

Managing Director of Línea Directa