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745 Europort
GX11 1AA Gibraltar
Tel: +350 200 40303
Fax: +350 200 51795
Email: info@investorseurope.com
Website: http://www.investorseurope.com

Investorseurope was founded in 2001 and is Europe's largest independently owned Offshore Stockbroker. It is an executing broker, has no portfolio and does not run any positions. Its independence as an offshore stockbroker is an important guarantee for investors in the wake of the nationalisation of banks (and their subsidiary stockbrokers) by World Governments in 2008.

*Regulator: Financial Services Commission
*Investor Protection Scheme: GICS
*Professional Liability Insurance:Eur 1.500.000
*Default Insurance: Eur 2.500.000
*Auditors: BDO

Our commitment to client protection has no equal in mainland Europe and we have the largest selection of online trading platforms in the world: offshore! Come to the Source. Open an online trading account with investorseurope.