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Visa Bureau

Visa Bureau
15 Harwood Road
SW6 4QP London, England
Website: http://www.visabureau.com/

Visa Bureau is an independent immigration advisory service providing information, advice and case management to individuals, families and businesses wishing to live and work or relocate staff to America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the UK. Based in London, Visa Bureau ensures clients are given the most up to date information concerning immigration and visa policy.

There is often no legal requirement for migration agents to be registered, or qualified in any way to give advice or counsel regarding migration to the above countries. This lack of governance makes it possible for people with no qualifications or experience in migration to charge exorbitant fees to manage applications, often with disastrous consequences.

Visa Bureau understands the importance of your visa application. Our internal case working processes are designed to eliminate legislative ambiguity and human error from the visa application process. Visa Bureau prides itself on being both proactive and reactive to legislative changes affecting immigration policy and our clients.

As a company, Visa Bureau works closely with clients to achieve positive results. From the initial stages of migration through to the end, our team of consultants and case workers make sure the process of migration is smooth and comfortable.