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Lobbes Insurance Consultants

Lobbes Insurance Consultants
Bronckhorststraat 16
1071 WR Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20-6791336
Fax: +31 (0)20-6624579
Email: info@lobbes-insurance.com
Website: http://www.lobbes-insurance.com

For the past 20 years Lobbes Insurance Consultants has been serving the needs of expatriates, individually and corporately, here in The Netherlands, the USA and throughout the world. Over the years we have tailored insurance products to match the needs of our clients, for example, our extensive portfolio of Korean expatriates within The Netherlands have totally different requirements than our Dutch expatriates in the USA.

With our broad basis of insurers nationally and internationally we can almost always provide an insurance solution, whether it be for a private individual or a multi-national corporation. For expatriates coming to the Netherlands, we recommend the following basic package of insurances:

medical insurance
dental insurance
property insurance
personal third party liability insurance
legal aid insurance
travel insurance

Naturally, not all these products are required by everyone, whilst other products such as motor, life and accident insurances, as well as pensions, income protection plans and mortgages may well be required and we are able to advise on these products as well. Where possible, for medical insurance, we can offer corporate collective schemes (more competitive than individual policies) and likewise corporate schemes are advantageous for savings/pensions plans.